Hiring Freelancers: An Overview

In order for a Company to hire a Freelancer for a Gig through the CareerGig platform, you need to create a Gig that Freelancers can apply to work on.

The following describes how Freelancers apply and get hired for Gigs from Companies.

  1. As a Company, you will create a new Gig using the “Create New Gig” button in the upper right of your screen
    • When you create a Gig, you will enter the scope, start date, timing, and other relevant details.
    • Once you hit submit on the Create a Gig form, your new Gig will be available instantly to freelancers on the CareerGig platform.
    • To find available Gigs, Freelancers with relevant experience will use the search feature on the CareerGig platform. 
  2. Freelancers will find a Company’s Gig and apply for it
    • You will receive a notification when a freelancer applies for your Gig
    • Companies can also search the platform for Freelancers and invite them to apply to active Gigs directly.
  3. Companies then invite Freelancers to interview for the Gig
    • Choose a Freelancer who has applied for your Gig
    • Pick a date and a method of interviewing - Phone, Skype, Google Meet, or Zoom
    • Or, you may also choose to bypass the interview process, in which case you would move to the next step in the process
  4. A Company then chooses a Freelancer to hire
    • The Company sends the Freelancer an offer to review that includes a start date, hourly rate and desired contract length.
    • The Freelancer can review and choose not to accept the offer. 
    • The Freelancer may propose an alternative offer and request that the Company re-submit the offer with an adjustment. 
  5. Once the Freelancer accepts the Company’s offer, the Gig begins and the Freelancer begins their work!
    • The next step is for a Freelancer to create a billable Task