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How do the skills assessments work?

You can include skills assessments on gigs that you post to CareerGig.  This will ensure you are hiring the most qualified candidate for the position.  It's that simple!

  • Confirm the skills needed for the position
    • Assessments are available to test their written communication, software knowledge, reading comprehension and ability to produce spreadsheet analysis from database query results.
  • Ask for a work sample.
    • Candidates can work in the program/software needed for the freelance position you are offering.  It will allow them limited, but sufficient time, to demonstrate their:
      • Ability to write a report
      • Knowledge of software
      • Understanding of basic written communication
      • Project management skills
    • It also allows them to do more than respond to knowledge-based questions, which may not accurately reflect their skill level.
  • You can assign specific assessment criteria 
    • Assign criteria to evaluate the project
    • Use point scoring to compare candidates
    • Comment to assist with the evaluation process and review
      Online/mobile application.